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The world's #1 orthodontic CE provider now offers two programs to cover every type of orthodontics. Both programs will cultivate a greater diagnostic knowledge to easily navigate through the realities of the clinic. In addition, you'll gain lifetime support from experts so you can feel confident that all your patients will love their new smiles.

Provide quality orthodontics, whichever path you choose.

Aligner<sup>+</sup> Orthodontics


Traditional Orthodontics


Program Details
Mini (4 classes) Series Type Comprehensive (12 classes)
12 days Length 48 days
Limited Access Software Full Access
Free Retakes Free
What can i do?
40%-75% Ortho Cases 90%
Class I, Class II (limited),
Class III (very limited), teenagers, adults
Case Types Class I, Class II, Class III, kids,
teenagers, adults
Non-extraction, extraction (limited) Treatment Non-extraction, extraction,
skeletal anchorage, surgical
Aligners, engagers, buttons, brackets
(limited), coils (limited), elastics (limited)
Appliances Brackets, bands, coils, LLA, TPA, RPE, headgear,
elastics, utility arches, skeletal anchorage
Fully proficient Evaluate Plan Fully proficient
Proficient (with mentor help) Diagnose Fully proficient
Relies on mentor Design Tx Fully proficient
Relies on mentor Trace Ceph Fully proficient

Can't decide? Take them both!

Our Comprehensive Care Bundle lets you optimize the benefits from both programs. This bundle combines both the Aligner+ Series and Traditional Orthodontics Series so you can achieve predictable results on all types of orthodontic cases. Knowing both modalities maximizes what tools and appliances you can use, providing more services and efficiency to your patients.

By registering for these programs together, you get the best tuition savings. Once you enroll for the bundle, you can choose what timing works best for you. Most students decide to take one program at a time. However, you can speed up your learning by taking both programs concurrently.

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